Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a therapetuic lens that acknowledges the inherent importance of sexuality to individual and relational health. People seek Sex Therapy for a multitude of reasons, often wanting to know if they, or their relationship(s), is "normal." Sometimes folx feel something is missing, they lost a spark or they have a specific obstacle to overcome. Sex Therapists work with people of all ages, genders, sizes, races, abilities, sexualities, lifestyles and relationship structures with the belief that sexuality intersects with all our identities. Sex therapy can overlap with the treatment of other mental health concerns. There is no physical contact between therapists and clients during these sessions.

Common Reasons People Seek Sex Therapy:

Identity exploration

Sexual functioning

Pain with sex

Desire/Desire differences


Disability impacting sex




Sexual dissatisfaction

Desire to explore or expand in sexuality







About Abigail

Abigail Hust, MSW, LISW-S is a Clinical Social Worker specializing in sex therapy and treatment of adolescents, relationships and adults.  Abigail utilizes a sex positive approach to work with all people on exploring and developing a fulfilling sexuality. She believes in using an embodied perspective and prioritizing pleasure throughout the therapeutic process. There are an infinite number of ways to be a sexual being and there is no right or wrong, good or bad, it is simply about discovering what works best for you. Abigail practices from an anti-oppression and trauma informed lens, this includes being LGBTQ+ affirming, kink/poly affirming and anti-racist.

Meet Abigail:

Introductory Resources for Clients


Adolescent Sexuality: (teen sexuality) (kid and teen sexuality)




Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown

Come As You Are By: Emily Nagoski

Rebel Love By: Dr. Chris Donaghue

Mating in Captivity By: Esther Perel


Sex Therapy consultation is available to other therapists, counselors or other professionals looking for support related to sexual health needs of their clients or patients. It may be the right time to seek consultation if a professional is struggling with their personal beliefs related to sexuality, they need more information about sexuality or they need specific resources or interventions. Consultation provides a space to explore information and treatment options. 

Please contact for more information or to schedule a consult.

 Consultation is currently available by phone or video only due to COVID-19.

Learn more about how clinicians can integrate sex therapy into your practice

Resources for Professionals (policy related to sex education) (policy and information on typical sexuality) (find sexuality professionals or trainings) (sexuality trainings and information) (sexuality trainings and information)