EMDR Therapy Training Reviews

What people are saying about EMDR Therapy Training with Suzi Rutti and team:

“This was an EXCELLENT training, I feel like I learned so much and am ready to start exploring using right away. Suzi teaching style was very approachable and she has so much knowledge to share”


“Really enjoyed this training and felt it was the best professional development I have done in my career.”


“I was looking forward to the course but had no idea that it would be this life altering. The facilitators were unimaginably good and the only way I can think to describe the experience is sacred. I can’t wait to start using the skills I am learning with my patients!”


“Truly a wonderful training. I would recommend Suzanne Ruti’s course to any therapist seeking a strong knowledge and skill base to perform EMDR therapy.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed this training and felt so supportive, safe and encouraged!”


“I have taken two other EMDR courses. I found the content of this one to be incredibly and immediately useful, as well as demonstrating compassion and providing greater competencies.”


“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn EMDR, especially virtually. I want to be able to provide all clients – whether in-person or virtual – with the opportunity for EMDR and this training helped me to conceptualize EMDR in both settings. Thank you!”


“I found the training incredibly supportive and helped me to expand my view on trauma so that can move forward doing more trauma focused work with the individuals I serve.”


“I learned a lot and felt this was a safe space to be open and vulnerable, which is truly appreciated for this type of work”


“Thank you for being so supportive of folks with dissociation! I have never been in a group with clinicians that were so supportive, affirming, and informed!”


“This was an amazing and such a developed course; probably the best I have had since obtaining my counseling license.”


“All the facilitators are incredible teachers and models, and have made this intricate and complex therapy feel more manageable and approachable. “


“This was more than i could have asked for. The care you take for the participants, how much you incorporate understanding intersectionality and caring for people, as a queer person I felt very safe and I thank you deeply for that. I was very worried coming in I would not. I also feel that this training has been more helpful than many of what my coworkers have talked about at other institutions. So please keep doing what you are doing. I am going to tell all of my coworkers about your program. I am looking forward to taking more courses with ICM and continuing this training.”


“The whole experience was so great! I’ve had colleagues go through EMDR Therapy training and they warned me of feeling really raw and not held by the training and that the training was not culturally competent — that was the opposite of my experience with ICM! Thank you for being so clear and attentive to everyone’s identities, vulnerabilities, and anxieties.”


“Deeply appreciated Suzi & facilitators’ efforts to create a safe virtual space for marginalized groups throughout the training. Thank you.”


“Suzi is an awesome facilitator and able to engage and manage a audience online.”


“This was the best in-person CEU I’ve attended. The pacing, repetition, and encouragement were so incredibly helpful in learning the material.”


“Both the trainer and team lead were very helpful and made me feel comfortable during the entire process.”


“Thank you for providing a safe space to learn!”


“Easily one of the most organized, engaging, and well-constructed trainings I’ve ever attended. Would highly recommend. Suzi and all the instructor assistants were simply wonderful. Thank you!!”


“I really enjoyed this training and the use of the chat feature to engage in quick responses. I also enjoyed engaging in mindfulness activities throughout the weekend to keep myself engaged.”


“I felt included and heard in my struggles to learn this new task. Trainers were patient and thorough. They presented with full intention of teaching.”


“Really loved this training and the whole training team. Very impressed and appreciate how you all approach this work.”


“Wonderful training! Truly impressed with how much I learned. Amazing trainer– did a great job explaining things.”