Suzi Rutti, MSW, LISW-S is an Approved Consultant and Certified Therapist through the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). Suzi owns Rutti Counseling & Consultation, LLC where she works clinically as well as provides consultation to clinicians across the nation. She is a faculty member with the Institute for Creative Mindfulness and co-owner of Ohio Institute for Trauma and Wellness, LLC and Central Ohio EMDR Connection, LLC. She teaches EMDRIA-approved EMDR therapy foundational training and advanced training topics. Suzi works with children, adolescents and adults of all ages, and does not have a minimum age requirement. She specializes in the treatment of complex PTSD, dissociation/dissociative disorders, preverbal trauma, sexual violence, childhood abuse, traumatic birth experience, intimate partner violence, and other adverse life experiences.

EMDR Foundational Training consultation is available to clinicians who completed Part 1 and/or Part 2 training through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness. Advanced EMDR Consultation is available to clinicians who completed EMDR Training and are pursuing Certification or Approved Consultant Status in EMDR.
For training requirements, please visit www.  The full EMDRIA consultation packet can be found here.

EMDR Group Consultation: ICM EMDR Therapy Training/EMDR Certification

Maximum of 8 participants per group

$100/2-hour session ($75 for agency clinicians/ICM trainees)

$40/1-hour session

EMDR Consultation Retreat: ICM EMDR Therapy Training/EMDR Certification

Maximum of 8 participants per group

$200/4-hour session

EMDR Group Consultation: Approved Consultant Status

Maximum of 4 participants per group

$100/2-hour session ($75 for agency clinicians)


Agency On-Site/Video Groups

Maximum of 8 participants for training/certification; 4 participants for AC

Base rate of $200/hour pulus $50/hour for each participant present




Save 15% when you book 5 or more sessions at a time

*Teleconferencing available*

Current Consultation Schedule

EMDR Therapy Training/Certification Groups

Wednesday 11/11/2020 11am-1pm EST

Wednesday 2/10/2021 5pm-7pm EST

Wednesday 2/17/2021 9am-11am EST


Lunchtime EMDR Consultation (1 hour, limited to 4)

Wednesday 12/9/2020 12pm-1pm EST

Wednesday 1/20/2021 12pm-1pm EST

Wednesday 3/3/2021 12pm-1pm EST


Child-Focused Consultation Groups

Saturday 12/5/2020 9am-11am EST (WAITLIST ONLY)

Saturday 2/20/2021 9am-11am EST


EMDR Therapy Consultation Retreat


4 hours of EMDR therapy group consultation for ICM clinicians working toward foundational training and/or clinicians working toward certification.  Maximum of 8 participants (mininum of 6 participants for the group to take place)


Group Guidelines

1. Consultees are expected to come prepared to ask questions about EMDR therapy phases, protocols, AIP model, and/or present case material with specific questions for consultation.
2. Please use the case consultation form for guidance on presenting cases, and have this form completed prior to the start of the consultation.
3. Do not include any information that will identify the case(s) you are presenting.
4. If you miss any portion of the scheduled group, you may schedule an individual time to make up the hours as Suzi’s schedule allows (for an additional fee)
5. Consultation is not supervision. Consultation focuses on mastery of standard EMDR therapy and integrating EMDR into your practice. You are responsible for the therapeutic relationship with your clients and competency in the modalities you offer. As a consultant, I do not hold liability for how you practice.
6. 24-hrs notice is required for cancellation, or you may be charged in full


Individual Consultation Forms

Individual Consultation Agreement: Basic Training

Individual Consultation Agreement: Certification

Individual Consultation Agreement: Consultant in Training

RCC EMDR Therapy Case Consultation Form


Group Consultation Forms

Group Consultation Agreement: Basic Training

Group Consultation Agreement: Certification

Group Consultation Agreement: Consultant in Training

Group Consultation Agreement: Other

RCC EMDR Therapy Case Consultation Form


Evaluation Forms

Basic Training Consultation Evaluation



EMDRIA Consultation Packet

Completion of EMDR Therapy Training

To complete EMDR Therapy training, you must attend Part 1 and Part 2 of training and complete 10 hours of consultation.  If you attended Part 2 of EMDR Therapy training with Suzi Rutti through The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, and are submitting documentation of your 10 hours, please click below.